Love, Joy, and Belonging come from Empathy, Self Compassion, and Vulnerability!

About Me

I am a License Psychotherapist and  Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator who provides counseling, psychotherapy and workshops on shame resilience. 

My goal is to ensure you have a safe, comfortable environment to share and explore your thoughts and any areas you want to work on. We will work to help you identify and clarify the problems in your life and I will help guide you through the necessary steps to improve your situation and quality of life.

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Joseph and I worked together for about six months, when I was tackling some personal issues and needed both a confidant and a sounding boarding. He was a great resource in helping me put the past in the past, and finally feel like myself again. Joseph is down-to-earth and relatable; you never feel like you’re dealing with a “therapist” stereotype when talking to him. He has a knack for knowing when to push you and when to back off. Working with him is like working with a friend- one who just knows more about getting through difficult issues than you do. I’ll forever be grateful for his help.



Female Late 20s

I will always be grateful to Joseph for helping me through a very challenging time in my life both personally and professionally. Within a few minutes of our first meeting, I was comfortable talking to him, and knew I had made the right decision. As we continued to meet over the next several months, I was excited by how quickly we were making progress and how much better I was feeling. I would highly recommend Joseph to anyone.


Male Late 30s

I worked with Joseph for the better part of three years, and he saw me through a difficult period to a more rewarding time in my life. Joseph is nimble: He listens when you’re focused; he makes conversation when you need feedback; he drops zingers when you trail off subject. All is in the service of maximizing progress. Joseph provides his patients with the tools to examine their previous actions, and to cast off the baggage in the future.


Male Late 30s

When I decided to get counseling, I “shopped around” quite a bit in order to get a sense of what my options were. I found Joseph to be one of the best. He is a great listener with the rare combination of intelligence and humility that allows him to truly “see” his patients for who they are and help them in the best possible way. It’s easy to find therapists who are smart and well-trained, but it’s very difficult to find someone like Joseph.


Male Late 20s

I went to see Joseph because I was having problems adjusting to college (GWU), causing unhealthy behavior. He was extremely helpful in helping me adjust better. I gained a greater understanding of myself and was able to have fun and graduate. He was my ‘go to’ guy. My support away from home! I am very grateful I mustered the courage and took that first step in contacting him.


Male College Student

I will always appreciate the insight and thoughtfulness Joseph demonstrated during my college life. Past unhealthy eating habits and erratic behaviors returned during college. He helped ground me without being judgmental. I am not sure he is capable of judging! I did graduate with an awesome GPA and in grad school. Life is good!

Female College Student

I was nearing 40 and under pressure to get married. I was having problems making a decision about my relationship; a constant theme in my life. With Joseph’s help I was able to figure out why. I am happily married; no regrets; I felt very at ease with Joseph and somehow protected emotionally. He made it comfortable enough to share my thoughts and feelings. Highly recommend him to anyone!

Male Late 30s