Top 10 LGBT Blogs

Top 10 LGBT Blogs

Whether you’re a part of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community yourself, or know a loved one who is, there are plenty of online resources available that provide honest and helpful advice and a supportive online community. If you are seeking advice on coming out, or simply looking for ways to connect with others like yourself, the LGBT community is alive and thriving in the blogosphere.

Here are 10 LGBT blogs to check out (in no particular order):

  1. Advocate

One of the most popular blogs for the community, Advocate covers a wide range of current events, popular culture, and celebrities through the lens of an LGBT supporter. Read posts about openly gay celebrities such as Ellen Page and Frank Ocean, learn how everyday gay or lesbian couples raise families and navigate the murky waters of religion, and learn how to help a loved one who is getting bullied. This is a great resource for families looking for answers and support.

  1. AfterEllen

Remember how icon Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet in real-life on her popular self-named sitcom way back in 1997? is a site dedicated to pop culture as it relates to the lesbian and bisexual community with a feminist slant. Read about movies, books, music and lifestyle advice.

  1. Towelroad

A comprehensive site dedicated to gay culture, current events, pop culture, sports, travelling, the arts community and more.

  1. District Counseling Blog

Depression and anxiety in gay men is a problem that often goes untreated due to societal expectations and pressures. Learn to read the symptoms of depression and anxiety in a loved one. (Sorry, I couldn’t help but plug my own blog).

  1. Queerty

Tracking the pulse of the queer community, Queerty takes a light-hearted and fun approach to covering sports, celebrity news, politics and more. Check out their network of GayCities blogs dedicated to over 200 large cities with local events and news.

  1. My Kid is Gay

This is an awesome resource for parents of LGBT children around the world. Read personal stories about parents learning to understand, accept and love their LGBT kids and get advice on common challenges parents face.

  1. Eponymous Fliponymous

As a self-described “angry bisexual with a keyboard,” Patrick RichardsFink is the voice and soul behind this comprehensive blog on all things “bi” including identity and gender issues.

  1. Bisexuality and Beyond

Sue George is the eloquent blogger behind Bisexuality and Beyond which focuses on coming out, her personal experiences with bisexuality, and bisexuality as it relates to aging.

  1. DapperQ

For those drawn to masculine style, whether female, male or somewhere in-between, DapperQ’s fashion photos illustrate the beauty of fashion with unconventional models and unique style.

  1. The Fab Femme

Celebrating the feminine side of the LGBT community, TFF Mag shines a spotlight on sports, film, current events and more. Check out their up-close and personal interviews and Femme DocuSeries.

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