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Top 10 Men’s Health Blogs

Top 10 Men's Health Blogs

Traditionally, men are more reluctant to seek help for physical or mental issues than women. Masculine stereotypes such as the need to “tough it out” make many men feel uncomfortable seeking any type of help, which we all know is not good for yourself, or those closest to you. Luckily, there are many good blogs out there dedicated to men’s health, so you can browse in relative privacy to find out all the answers you’ve been dying to know.

Here are 10 useful and relevant blogs on men’s health (in no particular order):

1 – Mark’s Daily Apple

Are you looking to get fit and eat more healthy (yet still delicious) meals? Mark’s posts provide easy ways to become a healthier you based on the Primal Blueprint system.

2 – Davey Wavey Fitness

This YouTuber, certified personal trainer and openly gay man will get you whipped into shape in no time. With nutrition, weight loss tips, and step-by-step workouts, you need only to look at his toned body for inspiration.

3 – Talking About Men’s Health

This blog deals with “the health and well-being of boys, men, and their families.” It provides a vast range of resources from the concept of masculinity as it’s introduced to boys, dealing with domestic violence, fatherhood, men’s health issues, healthy lifestyle and maintaining mental health. A must-read for fathers and sons.

4 – The Good Men Project

The aptly named blog focuses on how to be a good man in the 21st century. What began as a project to capture defining moments in a man’s life has transformed into an ongoing discussion on modern topics such as porn, aging, gender expectations and fatherhood.

5 – Men’s Health

Covering topics from how to sculpt shoulders to sex and relationship issues, this blog has something interesting to read for virtually every man.

6 – MenAlive

Founded by a social worker with a PhD in international health, MenAlive acts as a guidebook or blueprint for men living a healthier, happier life. It addresses men’s health issues such as male menopause, irritable male syndrome, and overall well-being.

7 – Men’s Health Forum

This is the place to ask those slightly embarrassing questions you’ve been too shy to ask. But chances are, your question has already been asked by someone else. This UK-based forum is a comprehensive source that’s filled with the latest medical knowledge.

8 – The Art of Manliness

There are many facets to being a well-rounded man which this well-designed blog addresses. Topics about everyday health such as how to undo the damage of sitting, or staying fit on vacation are covered in posts and podcasts. This comprehensive blog also touches on relationships, fatherhood, grooming, career and “manly skills.”

9 – District Counseling Blog

Alright, I know this is my own blog, but I just want to point out that I deal with a lot of men’s issues in my practice. Check out my blog for tell-tale symptoms of anxiety and depression, dealing with fatherhood and how couples counseling can help you forge a happier relationship.

10 – Respectful Insolence

Tired of hearing about health myths? This well-read blogger will help you discern between fact and myth.

Any one of these blogs can help you navigate your way through the maze that is often contemporary manhood.

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