Relationship Counseling and Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Relationship & Commitment Issues

Eelationship Counseling - Smiling Men
Relationship Counseling and Thearpy for Individuals and Couples

Many men can have difficulty making decisions about relationships. Whether to stay and make a commitment or to call it quits. Marriage and/or life partnership (whether potential or already committed) can bring up a host of issues and questions, making the idea of a true commitment seem overwhelming.

I can help you work through this confusing time through relationship counseling to figure out how you truly feel about the relationship and make the best decision for yourself.

  • Fear of commitment
  • Marriage and long-term relationships
  • Repeating negative behavior
  • Feeling helpless in a relationship
  • Learning to communicate effectively with your partner
  • Dealing with divorce and separation
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Learning to let go and try again
  • Insecurities
  • Understanding your needs in a relationships
  • Unrealistic ideals and expectations
  • Gaining confidence
  • Are you, or your significant other, good enough
  • Am I turning into my father or mother
  • Constant worry or obsession about your appearance

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