Cost of Psychotherapy

Per Session in Washington, DC

Main Location

Foggy Bottom (5 minute walk from the metro blue and orange line)

Three Washington Circle, NW, Suite 406
Washington, DC 20037

Office Hours: By appointment only Monday through Friday.

Special arrangements can be made for Saturday appointments when needed.

Cost of Psychotherapy:

Effective January 1, 2013 due to AMA CPT code changes


  • Initial Consultation (CPT code 90791): $150
  • Individual 16-37 minute session (CPT code 90832) : $120 (average time 30 minutes)
  • Individual 38-52 minute session (CPT code 90834) : $165(average time 45 minutes)
  • Individual 53-60 minute session (CPT code 90837) : $175 (average time 55 minutes)
  • Couple or Family 45-60″ session (CPT code 90847) : $185 (average time 55 minutes)
  • Group up to 60-75 minute session (CPT code 90853): $65 (average time 55 minutes)

Daring Way™ Cost

  • Daring Way™ consult for Workshop (if not my patient): $150 (counts toward workshop cost if we move forward)
  • Daring Way™ Workshop (2.5 days, Fri eve, Sat, Sun)    : $600 (Fri 5p-9p, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-5pm)
  • Daring Way™  Workshop follow-up, 90-120 minutes    : $65
  • Secret disclosure up to 30 minutes:  $120
  • Secret disclosure up to 60 minutes:  $180

Payment Methods

Payment is requested in full at time of service. Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted. Monthly invoices can be provided for insurance purposes if requested. I am considered an Out-of-network or Non-paneled provider, however all PPO and Open Access Insurance Plans cover my therapy services. Patients are responsible for checking with their insurance company for benefit coverage. Every insurance provides different coverage and reimbursement rates. I have provided the CPT codes above; your insurance will request this information when you contact them for benefits. Most likely CPT codes used are 90791 and 90837 (see above). I will provide you with an invoice with all the necessary information for you to file with your insurance. I am also happy to submit electronically to your insurance company on your behalf.