Diversity Counseling

by Joseph LaFleur in Washington, DC

Diversity Counseling - Individuals from diverse backgroundsSometimes people have problems dealing with others who are different from themselves. These distractions affect their relationships, employment, and mental well-being. Frequently general diversity training does not fully solve the problem, but more specific explorations may help. Understanding where issues manifest and becoming comfortable with yourself and others is a key component to maintaining successful relationships and operating within a diverse work environment. Whether mandated by your employer or self-initiated, diversity counseling provides a safe place for one to explore their beliefs openly with a therapist without fear of retribution, shame, or judgment.

  • Problems with employment
  • Issues at school
  • Bullying and ridiculing types of behavior
  • Difficulty fitting in with groups of people
  • Constantly seeming to offend others
  • Little understanding of other peoples traditions and behaviors
  • Trouble understanding how your words or actions would offend others

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