Depression in Gay Men

Depression in Gay Men

The latest research shows that depression within the gay male community has grown considerably in scope in recent years. A recent survey showed that as much as 24% of gay men have tried to commit suicide while 54% have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past. This has been an ongoing problem within the gay community as men struggle with abuse and with their own internal feelings concerning their sexuality. In this latest post we’ll address depression in gay men and look at how men can find the help they need to ensure a healthy emotional life for the future.

The Factors Linked to Depression

While the individual factors might be different for each person, there are specific challenges that the vast majority of gay men face, which can then send them into a spiral of depression. These challenges include the following:

Lack of support from family

While acceptance of homosexuality is growing across the country, it’s still difficult for some families to accept that their loved one is gay.


Many young gay men have experienced the different forms of bullying, whether it’s in school, in the workplace, or online. Fortunately, many organizations are now addressing this issue with stricter punishments for those charged with bullying offences.


Gay men are in the vast minority within our culture. And this can lead to many individuals becoming lonely and considering self-harm.

Tips for Gay Men Struggling with Depression

For those who are struggling with their mental issues as they try to live a happy life as a gay man, it can feel difficult to move forward. Fortunately, there are steps that both the individual and their family can take to mitigate the risk of depression and remove the mental health burden. These steps include:

Reach out to a local mental health specialist

There are mental health specialists across the country working with gay men to help them achieve optimal mental wellness. Review the resources here to find a specialist in your area.

Connect with peers

With millions of gay men across the country, individuals can locate others who have faced similar circumstances with the goal of learning more about their issues and how they can be overcome. Read our post on LGBTQ Mental Health Resources.

Detail struggles with a loved one

While it isn’t always easy to address fears and challenges, most families will do anything for their loved ones. If you’re struggling with depression, try to reach out to your family to discuss your fears, anxieties, and the circumstances surrounding them. Families can work together to support their gay loved ones and create a structure that ensures a healthy environment in which they can thrive.

You’re not alone. There are millions of gay men who have had the same fears, doubts, and challenges you now face. By learning more about the resources available, you can overcome any mental health issue you face. For questions dealing with depression as a gay man or to talk to a therapist, call or contact us today at 202-641-5335.

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